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Sometimes its just a matter of knowing what to pray

Anonymous40784 started this conversation

I really don't know who this is for.  I was in my kitchen when I was lead to go upstairs to my computer & tell someone my story.  I hope that it will be of some encouragement to the person that the Lord meant it for. 

I guess, I had to realized that there is a difference in the way I'm supposed to pray.  I don't understand it to this day. Maybe someone out there can explain it to me.  But anyway here is my story.

While married to my first husband, I desperately needed a job. 
We were still in college.  I was about to graduate.  We had nothing.  I prayed & prayed for God to bless me with a job.  I prayed EVERY prayer I knew how to pray.  NOTHING happened.  Then I changed my prayer.  I asked God to 'bless me with a connection to get a job' (someone who know someone on the job).  That worked like a charm.  I GOT a job!  Now, it wasn't the best paying job in the world, but it was a job.

Now, on TV, books & in the movies everything may be 'happy ever after'.  But in the real world it does not work that way.  I did experience tribulation on this job.  But that is usually the case when you have the 'devil' working inside some of your co-workers.  Anyway, as life progress (graduated from college, financial problems, got divorced, deaths in family, sickness, etc) I needed a job paying more money.  And, I definitely needed to get away from that job!  The tribulation on the job had became too much.  So, I prayed, prayed & prayed.  I sent out resumes, hundreds of them.  I interviewed,etc.  Nothing at all happened.  It was like I was truly "cursed".  I suffered for 7 long years on this job. 

Then it dawned on me about what happened earlier.  I had forgotten.  So I began once again to pray that God would send me a "connection to get another job".  Again it worked like a charm.  I was able to get away from that place.  I never looked back. 

I am not saying that this particular prayer (or request) will work for others.  I am saying that perhaps if one way of praying does not seem to be working, maybe one could seek wisdom from the Lord as to what exactly to ask for to get their 'breakthrough'.

I hope this has been a blessing to someone.  For I have no idea why the Lord wanted me to share this with you.

G-d bless you all & Shalom,


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Thank you Shalom for sharering with us thoase

Beutiful words.

Am playing so had as well.

Good Bless you and your family.

Samaritan strategy 

 in response to Fibro Viv...   

Fibro Viv,

Thank you for such kind words.

God bless you,


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Fibro Viv

Hello Anonymous40784,

Thank you for sharing your experience.  I believe we are brought to this world to experience and learn about life and share experiences.  God created us and is always with us.  Our part is to learn to ask for guidance with a deep sincere need for his guidance.  The words we chose are not as important as the sincere need for his guidance.  In the process we learn to share our experiences and God will help us and guide us along the way.

God Bless and thank you for sharing with others!


Fibro Viv 




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 in response to SoldierX...   

Thank you for your reply.  You know I never thought about it that way before (the way you explained).  I can definitely indentify in what you are saying. 

I also understand about basic training, FTX & being in the ARMY.

Having spent many years as a soldier, I certainly do wish you the best.


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Very simply put, God doesn't help those who are selfish and not willing to help themselves.  When you were praying for him to give you the job, what you were effectively saying is "give me something". However when you prayed for him to give you a connection, you were saying "please, allow me a chance"... Two very different requests if you think about it.  I've noticed a similar trend throughout my life as well.  If i ask for something directly, or a specific thing, i almost never receive it.  However, if i ask for the opportunity or chance to get it myself through work, perseverance, or other industrious means, i typically have an outpouring of blessings that i never expected, many of which aren't even directly related to what i was asking for help with... Point in case: while i was in basic training, i was REALLY worried about the last major event we had to do called FTX. it's a week in the field with an extreme amount of ruckmarching, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and missions.  the last ruckmarch is at least 18 miles (ours wound up being 27 miles long). I'd been plagued with ankle/feet injuries and a left knee injury throughout basic that made long ruckmarches (marches with a 50# rucksack on our backs, along with 30# body armor and an 11.6# weapon) nearly impossible.  about one quarter through the march, my knee started to buckle and give out on me, so i started praying for God to get me through the march... The knee just kept getting worse. I managed to brute force my way through half of the march (with missions along the way, in very hilly terrain)when my ankles started to roll a lot as well (similar to sprains).  At this point, instead of praying for him to get me through it, i prayed that he walk beside me through the march and give me the strength of will (mind, body, and soul) to persevere, not give up, and make it through to Honor Hill...  14 miles and 8 hours later, my entire platoon arrived at Honor Hill... The other three platoons had at least 2 people EACH who did NOT finish the FTX (which results in a restart for those who didn't)... It's all in how you word your prayer, and how much motivation you have to help yourself.  God loves to help us and give us what we ask for, but we have to earn it.  Good post and thought provoking topic ekika


soldierX, MOS qualified US Army infantryman (woot! turned blue today, graduate tomorrow.... HOOOOAAAAH!)

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